Banking and Finance Lawyer in Dallas and Frisco, TX

Most businesses view loan and financing regulations as a confusing impediment to securing capital and closing deals. However, this should never discourage you from obtaining the financing you need to operate and expand your business. Secure the future of your business with the expert assistance of Len Margolis, a trusted finance lawyer in Dallas and Frisco, TX with experience in negotiating and drafting financing agreements covering numerous types of assets and within a diverse set of industries.

Even if you are confident your loan or financing transaction is simple and low-risk, you should avoid negotiating and documenting the transaction on your own, or with an attorney who lacks experience with finance and lending regulations. Your business has too much at stake to risk making a bad deal when securing new capital or financing an important asset. What you may pay now in legal fees to negotiate a fair agreement will be an incredibly smaller expense when compared to foregoing legal counsel and entering a bad agreement that comes back to haunt your business with litigation down the road.

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We have more than 30 years of experience developing creative and effective solutions for diverse clients across numerous industries in loan, equity and syndication financing transactions. We can assist your business in every stage of a financing or loan transaction, including deal structuring, negotiating and drafting loan documents, and closing the transaction. We can also negotiate and draft a workout or restructuring agreement in the unfortunate event that a party’s financial strength goes south or unanticipated factors prevent a party from honoring the agreement as written.

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