Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Frisco, TX

Most businesses owners are under the misconception they do not need an attorney to review and negotiate a commercial lease. They are usually overconfident that all leases are “standard” agreements that are equally fair to both the landlord and the tenant, and that they can act as their own lawyer during negotiations and when the time comes to make revisions. The reality is there are no “standard” leases, although there are many forms that are commonly used – but the terms in those forms are also commonly skewed in the landlord’s favor.

It is a given that even negotiated leases must protect the owner’s rights to reasonably control its property. The point of having an experienced attorney review a lease, advise his or her client regarding its meaning and consequences, and then address issues with the owner is not to make the lease pro-tenant, but rather to make it reasonable and fair. Failing to include commercial lease review in a startup budget is not a low-risk way to save on initial expenses. It’s actually creating a high probability that you will be bitten financially during the lease term – the severity of the bite being the only uncertainty.

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Our lease review process is straightforward, and it allows us to identify critical issues, develop a lease negotiation strategy and prepare a list of action items that must be completed to achieve the client’s primary goals. First, we speak to our client about his or her understanding of the terms of the lease deal so we can later assess whether the actual lease terms create the rights and obligations to which the client is willing to agree. Next, we review the actual lease and the “term sheet” or letter of intent, if available, which preceded the preparation of the lease. We then present to the client the issues that will require his or her attention the most in evaluating the lease.

Next, we explain the significance of each lease provision, possible consequences, customary ways for handling each issue, and the manner in which reasonable landlords typically respond to objections. Finally, after helping our client establish priorities, we then begin the process of working with the landlord’s attorney in having the lease revised to a form that provides the strongest protection to the financial health of our client and his or her business.

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