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25 04, 2016

Why the Use of Limited Partnerships?

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Why the Use of Limited Partnerships? (Did I mean Limited Partnerships or did I mean Limited Liability Companies?) Confusing question? To understand whether it is or not, we need to recognize

10 04, 2016

Why Are You Bothering Me About Securities Law?

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I'm just bringing on some investors—everyone does it: Private Placements and the "Accredited Investor" Rule Background You have some discussions with prospective investors on a land or development deal. You

25 01, 2016

All About Carried Interests – Part II

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Part I of this article addressed the nature of the problem being discussed in Congress and in the press, particularly as regards the impact carried interest legislation designed to curb

5 01, 2016

Using a Family Limited Partnership. What You Need to Know.

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What has generally been accepted as the tax, creditor protection, and estate planning benefits of the family limited partnership ("FLP") include its flexibility, decreased estate and gift tax liability, family