Leases Without Lawyers – Part I

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Several recent lease reviews and negotiations (as well as a number of cases where a tenant either signed a lease after simply confirming that the stated rent, term, and security

A Complex Development Project – Part I

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As stated in our piece, “What's Really Involved in a Real Estate Development Project?”, there may be a dozen different categories of legal work involved in a real estate project,

Leases Without Lawyers – Part II

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Clients sometimes overlook the importance of obtaining a title report on the property being leased. While some reasons for doing this may not be critical in the case of a

All About Carried Interests – Part I


Why should real estate people give a darn if John Paulson, Ray Dalio or Carl Icahn get taxed at ordinary income rates on their half-billion dollar plus carried interests? Well,

Why the Use of Limited Partnerships?

Business Transactions|

Why the Use of Limited Partnerships? (Did I mean Limited Partnerships or did I mean Limited Liability Companies?) Confusing question? To understand whether it is or not, we need to recognize

What’s Really Involved in a Real Estate Development Project?

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Real estate development cannot proceed without able legal assistance, any more than it can without a general contractor, a lender, equity capital or for that matter a developer who marshalls

Why Are You Bothering Me About Securities Law?

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I'm just bringing on some investors—everyone does it: Private Placements and the "Accredited Investor" Rule Background You have some discussions with prospective investors on a land or development deal. You

Reducing Legal Fees in a Complex Loan Transaction

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In a recent transaction, we represented the owner of three properties in a mid-eight figure range “securitized loan” refinancing with a major New York bank and its affiliates and clients

A Complex Development Project – Part II


Part I of this piece which focuses on a not untypical complex development in which all law practice elements of development work are brought to bear addressed some overview issues

Everyone’s Doing It – Let’s Form a REIT!


Not so fast. But if you're in a rush, bring your wallet. A good guess as to how the several trillion dollars of private US investment real estate is owned